“Wow, it’s been exactly four weeks since my legs stopped working and I was admitted to hospital. But Helen, the lady in the bed opposite me, has been in hospital for nearly eight weeks. In the last three weeks, she’s had three blood transfusions. That’s six blood donations. It puts things into perspective I think. Giving blood is so important. Us sickies need your help! Which of my friends are going to give blood this week? You’re an amazing person if you
do. ???. ”

Hatti xxx

Having undergone three major surgeries, Hatti appreciated how vital blood is to our survival. As many people would not be alive today without the generosity of blood donors, Hatti started a “give blood” campaign via Facebook in August 2014 to help save the lives of others. Smile from Hatti hopes to continue to spread this message on Hatti’s behalf.

Just remember: each blood donation can help as many as 3 people (and you get a free penguin bar!). If you decide to help with this cause, please take a photo of yourself with #igavebloodhats and post it on social media; Instagram, Facebook and or Twitter if you accounts.